HR Compliance

Did you know?

Businesses with 15 or more employees are subject to almost all of the same employment laws as a Fortune 500 company.

The potential expense of a single audit, charge, or employee lawsuit can be devastating to a business. Documenting compliance is no small task considering how frequently regulations change. Attempting to keep up using only internal resources is inefficient and costly.

The HR Compliance System (HRCS) by Payroll Success Inc. offers the most comprehensive program available to ensure fully documented compliance. We provide the tools and expertise necessary to build a customized compliance program that fits your company.

Personalized Service And Innovative SAAS Technology:

Living Policy Manuals:

Payroll Success Inc. will provide handbook policies or update your current handbook. Get automatic notification of necessary changes and review current policies side-by-side with proposed changes. One -click publication instantly sends updates to applicable employees and documents acknowledgment.

  • Employees receive only the policies relevant to their positions.
  • Date/Time stamped notification of employee acceptance.
  • Use Payroll Success Inc. customizable templates or upload your own.
  • Use multiple manuals for each geographic location.
  • Never print another Employee Handbook.

Forms Library:

Use our extensive collection of templates or add your own HR and Safety forms. Employees can complete the forms online or print and scan documents directly into their MyFile personnel record.

  • Automatic notifications of new or updated forms. Simply accept changes to instantly update your entire organization.
  • Our experienced best -practice advisors will consult with you to ensure that you have all the required forms for the state(s) in which your business operates.
  • Assign forms to specific locations, departments, job titles, or even to a single employee.

MyFile Digital Personnel Records:

Our proprietary document management system allows companies to go paperless with their employee file storage. Personnel files, medical and confidential files, I-9s, and other employment records are stored securely, properly partitioned, with built-in document retention rules.

  • Controlled Access and User Permissions for files reduce the danger of confidential personal information being seen by unauthorized personnel.
  • Streamline the document handling process.
  • ¬†Automatic notification when files are missing documents, need review, and even when outdated documents can be safely removed.
  • Secure online access ends the need for on-site storage.

On -Demand Compliance Training:

Payroll Success Inc. Training Experts build your syllabus based upon your specific industry, job titles, and state(s) where you conduct business. You can also upload your own training courses on virtually any topic related to your business.

  • Notify managers and employees of due dates for initial training and continuing education.
  • Instantly view the completion status.
  • Includes state and federally mandated topics, high -risk topics, and job -specific training.
  • Set employee goals and print completion certificates.

Management Hotline:

Our group of seasoned professionals assists managers, executives, and business owners with compliance related management decisions. When you need best practices advice on a real world situation, from application to termination, help is a phone call away.

Employee Hotline:

We provide a non -retaliatory, third party advisor to receive employee concerns about their specific work environment.

Also Available:

Payroll Success Inc. can also help with on -site training, workplace investigations, disciplinary write-ups, unemployment claims response, EEOC charges, Wage and Hour audits, and other compliance related projects, billed at an hourly rate.

Technology & Service = Efficiency & Peace of Mind:

Refined over 20 years, our comprehensive program has been proven effective in hundreds of companies, with tens of thousands of employees, across many industries. Living content combined with innovative technology allows you to focus on the mission of your company. The Payroll Success Inc. program offers efficient communication, a well trained work force, proper record keeping, and a trusted best practices advisor for any situation that could arise from the employee/employer relationship.